Memory error when working with KB of data when I have GB free

I have been trying to use the markups-> cloze function feature to analyze a JPG that is only ~5 kb of size and I have ~32 GB of free memory on my computer. 3D slicer continually bottle necks my PC taking all 32 GB when I try and add the 3rd or 4th closed curve. It sits at 99% memory usage until the application crashes. The CPU also climbs to 50% usage during the crash. I have tried to update my GPU and CPU as well as clear more GB of data from my PC. The exception thrown in event it gives is BAD ALLOCATION. I grew up very rural and I am horrid with computers. Do I just need more RAM? The file size is so small compared to the amount of free memory? If anyone has any suggestions, please help! Thanks!

What is the volume size in voxels?
Do you convert it to grayscale?
What do you mean by “markups-> cloze function feature”?
What kind of processing or analysis would you like to do with the image?