Merge CT and RT Dose File

Hi to all,

I have three files: a CT data set, a RS structures file and a RT Dose file. After importing these three data into Slicer, I found that the CT and Dose data cannot be visualized at the same time (see the picture below). What I want to do is to visualize the Dose on CT.

I read the manual SlicerVisualizationTutorial (SlicerVisualizationTutorial) and used the Volume Rendering feature. However, I still cannot visualize the CT and Dose at the same time, although the two “eyes” can be opened simultaneously (see the picture below).

Could anyone give me some instructions on how to merge the CT and Dose? Any help from your side will be much appreciated!

On a recent Slicer Preview Release, you can select the dose and CT at the same time (using Ctrl+Click) and drag-and-drop them to a view.

Alternatively, you can use the slice view controls to select what volumes are shown in a view.

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Thank you so much Andras! I solved this problem following your guidance.

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