Merge separate images into one label

Hi everyone

I have several series (6 rodents species) of microCTs, that I cannot save in DICOM format. I can only reconstruct the slices in TIFF, BMP, PNG format (I’m using NRecon software).
When I load the series of each rodent, all images appear in separate master volumes. I tried to use Merge volume function, but they still appear as separate, I can’t merge separate volumes into one.
What should I do? I want to use Slicer but with this problem is useless.

Kind regards


I use Slicer with datasets from Nrecon daily.

Make sure to uncheck “single file” option during data. See my blog for more detailed instructions using Slicer with image stacks

You can also convert your stack outside of Slicer to a 3D format (nifti or NRRD) and load it.