Meshes won't process in SPHARM-PDM Generator

Hi!! I’m trying to run a few meshes through the SPHARM-PDM generator. My process is as follow:

  1. Import .stl files
  2. Convert .stl to binary label map .nrrd
  3. Input the .nrrd into the SPHARM-PDM generator pipeline
  4. Change some settings (Subdivision level and SPHARM deg)
  5. Run
    While this process works for some meshes, others just run for a long time without finishing. I have cells run for more than 5 hours with no result.

The pipeline generates 3 output folders for each corresponding step: Post Processed Segmentation, Generate Mesh Parameters, and Parameters to SPHARM Mesh. I’ve observed that the folder gets filled out in the order of the step finishing. I think the software might be stuck on the “Post Processed Segmentation” step since this folder is empty for all non-working cells.

The meshes that cannot be processed seem to have a Y-shape or very complicated structure, seen below.

Any help is great! Thank you.