Mice CT data (dicom file)

Dear all,

I just wonder where I can find some CT images (micro-CT) for mice/rats to practice.
Could you please share some with me if you have?

ps: I develop a code for autonomous segmentation of mice/rat organs.

Kind Regards

Did you try MorphoSource (https://morphosource.org)?

Hi Murat,

Thanks for the repository source you have shared.

I have already requested some downloads at this website, I am still waiting for the owners’ response. It is so slow to get some image series from there. I was actually looking for some researchers (in this platform) to share some micro-CTs or give me some other idea about where I can find some quickly. In the worst case scnario, I will be waiting for the owners’ reply at (https://morphosource.org).

Anyway, thanks for the info!

Scientific data (nature) is also a good open access Journal to find data sets:
and the link to the repository of the µCT data. The data is in the Analyze file format (not dicom but Slicer can open it)

Hi Steffen,

It has worked well. Thanks for the information. People on (https://morphosource.org) also replied. It just took couple of days.

Thanks a lot.