Whole body rat or rabbit scans?

Hi all,

I’m looking for the above mentioned data but just can’t seem to find anything useful/freely available online. Since I would mostly need the contour of the body, both CT and MR would do.
The main focus would be the abdominal part.

Something similar like the “Public Mouse Image Database”

Does anyone happen to know anything that’s available for download? Maybe even has something like what I am looking for? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

You might find something like that here: https://www.morphosource.org/


Many thanks Steve, that’s an incredibly rich source! :ok_hand:

It really is, but unfortunately most of the interesting stuff is sort of under “use by permission” category (you have to request access).

Yep, I already have made a few requests. I hope I’ll get permission. I guess it depends on the owners of the data. We’ll see :slight_smile:

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Try Downloads - embodi3D.com

There should be a lot of stl and dicom files, i think that i saw rat somewhere

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(sorry for the late replay - I’ve been away for a few days :slight_smile: )

So yes, I know that page. Never really looked at the contents in more detail, but I did find a “Veterinary scans” subsection in the downloads.
It seems to be a bit messy, but we’ll see if there is anything that we could use.

Many thanks for the pointer!