Model alignment

I’m an orthodontic postgraduate student. I’m trying to superimpose “align” 2 models and do some 3d measurements. Every time I use the CMF, I chose the points for alignment and then change their radius for ROI and choose other points for the 3d measurement using Q3DC, the 2 models don’t get aligned at all or not well. I don’t know why? Can someone help, my defense is in less than a month and I need the results as soon as possible.

I think you can do that with good accuracy with the 3D Slicer.

Have a look at SlicerCMF tutorial here.

If it does not work you can do get it to work with the SlicerIGT fiducial registration

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It actually worked. Thank you so much. Now, I need a “color map” and a “cross section” to check for the accuracy of the superimposition.

You need to calculate model to model distance and then visualize it in shape population view.

You can clip the model view with many tools easy clip dynamic modeler etc…

I already tried that. When I pressed apply in the model to model distance, it kept uploading and never stopped even after passing 100%!!!

well something must be wrong as you dont see a percentage in progress bar when it is calculating. You only see a time status as running with timer. percent completion comes only after it is finished. i think there is a problem with your workflow most probably rather than a bug.