Model maker input volume problem

Problem report for Slicer 5.0.2 macosx-amd64: Hi, I’ve started use Slicer. Unfortunately, whenever I try to perform ‘model maker’ stage, after segmentation, the system gives error ‘cannot open input volume file…’. I watched all tutorial videos, I followed the steps exactly the same. I tried with my dicom files, also I tried with sample datas, there is nothing to change.
What should I do, please help me?

hello everyone,
trying to generate 3d models but I couldn’t make it. I keep seeing the same error message ‘No input data assigned to “Input Volume”’. Please, someone help me :slight_smile:
![Ekran Resmi 2022-06-30 15.39.30|690x416](upload://7V

Thank you…

Model maker is a very old volume, which is indeed used in old tutorials. In current Slicer versions, once you segmented the structure of interest using Segment Editor, you can go to Data module and right-click on the segmentation to export it to a model.