Model morphing based on MRI landmarks


I am working on a female-specific pelvic floor model development based on a template model and MRI landmarks. Currently I have programmed my extension into Slicer, which reads the template model (computational grid / surface facets as polydata) and template landmarks on the model.

The next step is the morph / warp the template model based on alignment of template landmarks and MRI landmarks. Before programming my own script, I have an idea to employ SlicerMorph or any other already developed extension.

Can you advice, please?

Thank you, Ludek

if you have a population of samples, you can use the GPA module in SlicerMorph to derive PCA space of landmark variation and then deform/warp your template along PC axes.

If your goal is to deform a template to a specific subject using landmarks, then fiducial registration wizard in IGT extension would be more relevant. Just use the TPS warping transform. However, I am only seeing four landmarks in your screen capture. If indeed those are the landmarks you are planning to use, they may be quite insufficient for a realistic deformation of the pelvis.

Thank you, I put here just a sample picture, I have over 30 landmarks in total. The aim of this project is also to find the sufficient number and location of landmarks.