Monailabel and radiology/segmentation delete particular training / model

Sorry if I am asking a trivial question, is there any way of either deleting a prediction model OR delete 1 training data? in the process of training?

My command -
!monailabel start_server --app apps/radiology --studies datasets/myMODEL --conf models segmentation


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can you please shed some light on this? thanks.

Hi @Ylim,

Please search in the folder datasets/myMODEL for the subfolder labels/final. There you can find all the labels you used for training. You can remove the annotation from there.

BTW, I’d suggest you post any question/comment related to MONAI Label directly in the discussions: Project-MONAI/MONAILabel · Discussions · GitHub

There you can also find more discussions that might help you.

Hope this helps,

thanks @diazandr3s and @rbumm for the generous advice.
@diazandr3s, i will take note of posting the monailabel questions in the github section.


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