Move all Markups

Hello everyone!

is there a way to move all markups togehter and not every markups on its own?
Or can I move the picture in the baground to match der Markups and the Annotation points better?

Thank you for your help!

Do you mean you want to change their position? You can put the Markups node under a transform and apply the translate all the points in the node the same way.

If this is not what you want, please describe what you mean by move all markups together.

You can also move markups around by right-clicking on any of the control points and check “Interaction” checkbox to show translation and rotation handles in viewers that can move all the control points at once.

yes, i mean changing their position. How can I do that exactly?
Thank you!

Did you try to those two suggestions above?

Hi, I had similar doubts how to change markup positions. Once you check “Interaction”, an additional handler appears in the interface that you can use to rotate and translate the markups. It’s easy to miss if you have many markup points in different colours already around on the image (as I had), a higher screen resolution.

Here is a visual presentation of that feature: Markup interaction - translation and rotation - in Slicer 3D on the example Slicer 3D data - YouTube

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