Moving segmentation

Operating system: Mac OS
Slicer version: 4.11.0

Hi all,

I am wondering if there is a functionality in 3d slicer where I can move the segmentation in terms of its location? I am basically creating cube segmentation of different cartridges in a phantom. I basically need the segmentations to be the same size. Cloning the segmentation simply puts the segmentation in the exact same location as the parent. However, I want to move the cloned segmentation so that I can create exact segmentation for other location as well.

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After the cloning, you will have a separate node, and you can put it under transform and use translation sliders to move wherever you want.

If your cartridges are of simple shapes (cube, sphere, cylinder etc) you can create models of exact dimension for each of them (SlicerIGT extension, CreateModels), place them wherever you want and then import them as segmentation.

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You can do all this in the Data module, by right-clicking on the transforms column:

Transform is rotated by left-click-and-drag, and translated by Shift+left-click-and-drag.

“Harden transform” in the end if for permanently applying the transformation to the selected node, which is probably not needed for what the use case described above.


Thank you so much!

this helps a lot!


Apart from rotate, translate and scale is there a way to enable “interaction handles” or move it in slice view (other than using the transform module). Idea is to restrict the translations/rotations to one axis to have more control and precision?

This is still the stock VTK box widget, which is very limited. @Sunderlandkyl is working on adding a markups ROI widget and the next one will be the transform widget, probably in about 6 months. Until then, modules can use plane widgets to specify position and orientation interactively (keep copying the plane transform into a transform node).

Hi Andras,

My slicer doesn’t have the interaction in 3D view selection, do you think its the version of the slicer that I am working in?


Yes, you need to use latest stable or preview version of Slicer.

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Just wanted to add that this was incredibly helpful, thank you.