My DICOM file isn't loaded with proper view

When I open tutorial file, all of file is placed properly.

As you can see from uploaded picture, bottom to Top view is placed to 2nd quadrant and front view is placed to 3rd quadrant and side view is placed to 4th quadrant.

But when I open my dicom file, it isn’t placed properly.

Uploaded file is not practical my dicom file, it is just imitated screen shot because medical image is private information so it is hard to open at here.
Anyway when I open my dicom file, top view, front view and side view are placed in 3rd quadrant together.
So it is impossible to take segmentation properly.
I want to divide my dicom file into 3 parts(top view, front view and side view) and rearrange it.
How can I do that?
Thank you~! :slight_smile:

If the image orientation is incorrect then it means that the IJK to LPS transformation matrix (that maps voxel voxel coordinates to anatomical coordinates) is incorrect.

What file format do you load the image from?
How did you compute IJK to LPS matrix?

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File that I’ve got is just only DICOM file(MRI).
What I’ve done is just to open given DICOM file by using 3dslicer.
Actually I have no idea or transformation of IJK to LPS.
What I guess is default option to import is not proper to my DICOM file.
If I could do as I please, I want to share my DICOM file with you but I’m not sure it is possible because it is kind of private information…:frowning:

Please follow these instructions for importing and loading DICOM images. If you still see something different than what you expect then let us know.

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Thank you.
I’m going to read it.
Even though I read it, if I can’t solve it, I’m going to let you know.
Thank you~! :slight_smile:

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