Question about DCM files orientation

first it is great software, when i saw it couldn’t believe what it can do with dicom files
have a simple question , i have some CT ( DCM) data when i open them inside slicer the sagittal and coronal view are not showing the correct orientation of the DCM files, as if they were flipped , while the axial view is correct
i did some research and i tried reformat , and i couldn’t rotate them correctly

found a solution that i have to open them inside the dicom browser data base first, the problem happens when i open them using add data or drag the folder inside 3d slicer

DICOM data should be always loaded using the DICOM module by drag-and-dropping the parent folder of the data set.

If you use “Add data” then ITK library’s image file loader is used, which may or may not work.

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