My life was saved


you all have literally saved my life. at least the software has!
8 years of misdiagnosis, ending up even finding a large portion of my many nerve injuries throughout my body from my CT scan
Without this I would not have been able to navigate around 3d view so easily and apply different filters.
Wow … and it’s even free top professional it gave a great reassurance to read about your many users around the world.
The doctors yes they came up with other thoughts when I sent them clean documentation they could not run from.

Thank you very much from Denmark


Thank you for sharing this. Can you tell how Slicer was useful? Did it help with communicating with doctors, help you understand the anatomy or findings better, …?

1046 / 5000


Slicer helped me a lot in finding signs of something that did not look normal. I have never worked with Dicom images before, but have worked with graphics design in the printing industry and IT support over time. Which probably also helped me a bit. I actually have a lot of injuries which are the whole sternum and neck vertebrae sit crooked, as well as a lot I would think major nerve injuries multiple sites in the body. Super cool to be able to take small chunks out and inspect carefully. My next big wish is to learn segmentation Do not know if I can lay a small pdf up with what I found in just 7 pictures. as a total amateur with no anatomy learning at all. The case is so new that tomorrow a whole team of doctors will gather who will undergo my CT scan at a conference. First doctor thought I had arthritis, I complained and threw the evidence at their feet. 1 day later final contact 8 years in pain around the clock year after year … no man can handle that! No one listened, now I have to send shock waves through the health system. Things need to change Thanks for the support Klaus


(Attachment CT.pdf is missing)