My SliceView is only updated after scrolling the mouse

In my module I change areas of my volume by clicking with the mouse in one of the slice views (red/green/blue). This works fine.

But all changes are reflected in all the views, except the view that I actually click in.
The view is updated when I scroll a tiny little step forward and backward.

Is there a python way of updating/refreshing the slice view? like a modified method that we use for volumes or a display node?

solved it, I force an update of the views using this

layoutManager =
for sliceViewName in layoutManager.sliceViewNames():
  sliceWidget = layoutManager.sliceWidget(sliceViewName);
  sliceLogic = sliceWidget.sliceLogic()
  sliceNode = sliceLogic.GetSliceNode()

Slicer does not know when you are finished with your numpy array modifications. Therefore, when you are done with your changes in a volume node via numpy, you must call slicer.util.arrayFromVolumeModified() function, as described in the slicer.util.arrayFromVolume() function documentation.