NDI Vega compatibility

My lab will be purchasing an NDI Vega (the new version of the Polaris Spectra) and I was wondering if there were any compatibility issues I should be aware of. I have used 3D Slicer with a Polaris Vicra via the PLUS server in the past with no problems, but I just learned that the Vega communicates over ethernet as opposed to USB as the Polaris systems did. This is really a question for both the PLUS server developers and the 3D Slicer developers, but I thought I would start here first (since the PLUS server Assembla page seems to have disappeared). Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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Plus already supports NDI Vega trackers. See more information in the user’s guide.

We had to move quickly from Assembla, as they increased our monthly rate by 20x or so (and we did not mind moving anyway, as most of our users were on GitHub already).

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