Is PLUS compatible with Cygnus-PFS a DC magnetic navigate

Is PLUS compatible with Cygnus-PFS?
I read this post and there is nothing information like that.

I have never heard of Cygnus-PFS but from their website it seems that they use Ascension 3DG tracker, which Plus can connect to. However, only one application can connect to an Ascension tracker at a time, so while you are using the Cygnus software then you cannot connect using Plus at the same time.

The Regulus Navigator (RN) utilizes a commercially available 144 Hz pulsed DC
Flock of Birds (Ascension Technology Corporation; Burlington, VT 05402) magnetic
field transmitter as its digitizer which defines its three-dimensional coordinate system.

I cheaked carefully, find I can use NDI…

ok, I will try it…

The paper that was referenced described a 20+ year old variant of the system that used Ascension Flock-of-birds tracker. However, from the pictures on their website it is clear that their current system uses Ascension 3DG.
So I can connect it by PLUS follow the above tutorial?

It is an Ascension 3DG tracker, so you can find information on this page:

Ok, Thanks.
I will connect it and do something with 3d slicer.