New 3D Slicer extension for planning and surgical guide generation for mandibular bone reconstruction

BoneReconstructionPlanner is a 3D Slicer extension for virtual surgical planning of mandibular reconstruction with vascularized fibula free flap and generation of patient-specific surgical guides.

BoneReconstructionPlanner is now available in the Extensions Manager for Slicer latest preview release.

Here is a preview video:

And the link to the project:


This extension wasn’t working due to an issue with the CMakeLists file.
The problem has been solved. Please reinstall the extension since tomorrow and it will work

There was a bug that made BoneReconstructionPlanner not work on the preview release. Now it has been solved. So it works well in both stable and preview releases of Slicer.

A videotutorial of use is available here:


There was a hard to replicate bug that caused Slicer to crash while doing some BoneReconstructionPlanner processing.

This faulty behavior has been fixed by the latest commit to the main branch.

Thanks for using BRP

The bug that some times made BRP crash while creating miterBoxes and holesCylinders was solved.

Probably it had something to do with that Polydata was created and then transformed very fast and some how it produced an exception.
See details here:


Finally we tracked down the real reason of the bug that made Slicer crash sometimes while creating cylinders or miterBoxes…

I’m sure users will be glad to know this is now really fixed


There was another bug on Slicer (tracked here) that made the crash happen and it will be solved soon since we found a way to make it reproducible.

The BRP team

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On the next weekends, since I do this ad-honorem, I’ll be creating BoneReconstructionPlanner self-tests that will allow other developers to maintain and improve this extension.


The tests development for BoneReconstructionPlanner is moving forward.

Here is video of a Virtual Surgical Planning workflow for mandible reconstruction:

Soon, probably, there will be tests for anatomical surgical guide creation also.

Best wishes,

MScEng Mauro I. Dominguez