New Dynamic Modeler Tool: Select by Points

Select by points tool is available on the Dynamic Modeler module since end of October 2021 Slicer Preview Release

This tools allows you to create 2 types of output models from an input model, a fiducial list, a selection-distance and a selection-algorithm.

One of the possible outputs is copy of the input model with selection scalars (unselected=0, selected=1) according to the selection-algorithm and selection-distance using the fiducial points as seeds.

The other possible output crops out the part of the input model that is selected.

This tool was developed ad-honorem by:

  • Mauro I. Dominguez
  • Andras Lasso (Perklab)

This tool allows partial mesh registration workflows like weight-painting ICP on Blender.

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Hi dear, thank you so much for sharing. Actually I am conducting a project to measure the distance of zygoma bone between T1 (taken after a week of operation) and T2 (taken after 6 months of operation).
I want to know if there is a displacement and if yes how much was in mm and in which direction.

My questions:

  1. I am using Pick’n paint, model to model distance, and mesh statistics to export the value in excel file: in the new release of the 3d slicer, I can not use pick’n paint properly: as when trying to add a fiducial point: automatically a lot of points are added!!! previously you send me this answer of using dynamic modeler tool: when I have watched this demo, it is on the same bone not in two models as my case! so how can I solve this problem?
    Thank you again and sorry to bother you.

You can consider your two bones at different timestamps as two different models

actually they are, I am doing the followings:

  1. import both DICOM, transformation, rigid registration with Elastix module, then segment each one as volume, saved each one independently.
  2. open again both models to start doing the steps mentioned in previous message.

My question:
how to solve the problem of automatic many points addition that I am facing with the new release version of the 3D Slicer?’
How dynamic modeler could be used to add fiducial points on T1 model then measure the distance between these points and their matching ones on T2 model? as you mentioned in previous answer.
Thank you

thank you, but what do you mean by (at different timestampes)!

Please see this link

You just need to replace the deformed and normal bone from the video for your T1 and T2 bone models…

If it is not clear enough please let me know

Thank you so much for your rapid reply.
Actually it is so clear and this is to do registration of two models.
My question actually was how to calculate the displacement amount after doing the registration step of the two models in regard to the ROI which is in my case the zygoma bone?

@manjula could you help?

I think you need to use the model2model distance extension

exactly, so you mean after doing the registration the next step is to do partial surface registration ( formed by the zygomatic bone of T1, in my case) in the dynamic modeler module then using model to model distance and then mesh statistics to export the values?

I think it is as you explained but I would only do the partial surface registration