Building Module in Slicer

I am developing a 3D slicer module for augmented reality application for the video based navigation system. I had already built slicer 4.8.1 from the source file using Cmake and visual studio 2013 version. I had built slicer.exe file. But after that how to build a module and add up the camera (NDI Polaris)? I don’t know how to do that. Is there any tutorial so that I can do that by myself?

Here an an intro tutorial for programming python modules:

This page has an overview of the different types of modules, with guides for getting started for the different types:

For connecting to the NDI Polaris, the best approach would be the SlicerOpenIGTLink extension (, available in the extension manager) with PLUS Toolkit handling the interaction with the camera (,

The SlicerIGT extension ( may also have some good resources, depending on what you are trying to do.