New module: Extract Centerline (in SlicerVMTK extension)

Hi! I would like to use the vmtk library to extract centerline of airways. When I install the extension through the wizard, everything seems fine:

However, when I try to actualy use the module, the following happens:

If I double-click the name of the extension, nothing happens. Same for the curve centerline extraction module. How can I load these modules? I have tried installing-deleting the modules and slicer itself, but it does not help.

As for “Curve centerline extraction” module, it is a helper module, that combines and automates a segmentation process relative to an arbitrary curve, followed optionally by centerline extraction. It has a dependency on ‘Slicer segmentation extra effects’, that you should install separately from the ‘Extensions manager’.

Select ‘Centerline extraction’ module instead. If this one does not work, there’s another problem.

Thank you, my bad. Centerline extraction works fine, and that is what I need.

Set one point at the top of the trachea and autgenerate the others.

Relatively easy

Thanks, works as expected.

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