New module: Texts

We have added a new module (Texts) to recent Slicer Preview Releases (4.11) that allows storage and simple viewing of editing any text files in the scene (custom metadata files, configuration files, etc.)

For users:
- Text nodes can be used to store additional metadata in the scene, such as generic text, or json/xml strings.
- Files in txt, xml, or json format can be dragged and dropped into 3D Slicer and loaded by selecting “Text file” for the file description

For developers:
- This module introduces vtkMRMLTextNode and vtkMRMLTextStorageNode into the Slicer core.
- The new qMRMLTextWidget can be added to any module to provide an interface to edit the contents of vtkMRMLTextNode, or display it in a read-only format.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Development was funded in part by CANARIE’s Research Software Program, OpenAnatomy, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital through NIH grant R01MH112748.