“Notes” module?

Would there be any interest in a general purpose “notes” module? I often wind up taking notes on a scan during segmenting, threshold ranges used for this (anatomical) feature or that, and so on. It seems like a quick and dirty module to just edit a text file and keep a link to it in the mrml scene file would be useful. I already do this periodically in emacs (or vi, no offense intended to vi users) but it would be kinda handy to have it centralized. No fancy markup languages, just plain text.

Happy to look into doing this if people think it would be generally useful.


Would the ‘Texts’ module fulfill your expectations ?

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Wow, this looks pretty close to exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

It looks like it’s not completely functional, however: on saving, I get:

void qSlicerSaveDataDialogPrivate::populateNode(vtkMRMLNode *)  failed: storage node not found for node  vtkMRMLTextNode1 . The node will not be shown in the save data dialog.

Guessing it could be normal as the note is saved in the MRML scene file, not as a separate file like when saving markups. Just a guess.


Oh, I see - and I forgot to hit “save”.

THANKS! This is perfect!


Short texts are saved in the scene file by default (not in a separate file). You can force creating a separate file by typing getNode('MyTextNode').SetForceCreateStorageNode(True) in the Python console.