New module to manually align 3D views

We have added a new module called QuickAlign to SlicerMorph. QuickAlign allows you manually orient two different 3D objects (can be both volume and model nodes), and create a synced view between them. This was initially prototyped at the 39th PW

We find it useful to visualize and compare scans that are acquired in different orientations without need to modify their orientation through transforms module or registration.

Comments/suggestions are welcome.


Nice… I’m wondering if it would be useful to optionally output the transform that would achieve the visual synchronization

We thought about it, but these transforms are relative. For example if manipulate the orientation of object 1 and then object 2, they will be aligned in the viewer, but the transforms will not be of something that’s directly of use to you.

Nevertheless, if you start the sync view, and go to the Data module, transforms are there.

This can be used as a manual eyeballing registration method (I just tested it) but there will be the need to add a “Pause/Resume Sync” button between “Start Sync” and “End Sync” to be able to iterate an improve the resulting transform.


Note: the random transform is very different to the identity

This module would be useful on a surgical planning workflow for mandible reconstruction with iliac crest bone where you need to move a segment of the iliac crest to fill the salvaged mandible empty space

Another useful feature would be to allow interpolated opacity between the two objects (in only one 3D view) controlled by a slider

Hope it makes sense

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