New public domain high res MRI from MGH

There’s an amazing high res ex-vivo scan available for anyone interested in looking at the glories of the human brain. Be prepared for a long download and some slow operations. But once it’s loaded it’s really interesting to look at. If your machine is reasonable in terms of ram most operations like slice pan/zoom/scroll are very interactive in all planes (I tested on a recent mac book air for example).

The data is available here, and a paper preprint describing the acquisition is also available.

The example videos below were made with the SceenCapture module (actual time for volume rendering is a few seconds per frame).


Here’s another video showing interactive volume rendering of the 100um isotopic MRI using 3D Slicer accessed through a web browser remote session to a cloud GPU using the instructions here

Data size is 1760x1760x1280 floating point (just under 16g)

Hardware is a 8 core 30 gig of ram google cloud compute engine with attached v100 GPU with 16G of ram.


Very nice! I would just add a link back to this post and/or the original publication in the YouTube description for those who will come across the video from YouTube or other sources.

The links are there and have been all along, but you need to click the “show more” button - not sure why but youtube only shows the first couple of lines of your description.

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Ah, I see now what you meant - yes, I added a link to this thread. :blush:

Hi, Thank you for this share. Unfortunately the link in the original post send to a dead page. Is it still available somewhere else?

hmm, not sure why it changed but this is the updated link: