New Segment Editor layout - vertical effect toolbar

Thanks to all the development efforts of @jamesobutler and feedback from the community, the new, more space-efficient Segment Editor user interface is now ready (available in latest Slicer Preview Release). The main difference is that the effect toolbar is vertical, with fixed number of columns and without icon labels. This layout makes it easier to remember where to find an effect (because the same effect always appears at the same place), and the space is used more efficiently (there is less need for scrolling).

Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome.


This is looking great. One minor suggestion now that the Effect labels have been removed and the button icons are much smaller is to consider creating some new artwork for very common effects to harmonize them with well-known painting and image editing programs.

For example, the Draw tool could be made into a simple pencil icon, the Paint tool could just be a paintbrush, Flood Filling could be a paint can, Level Tracing could be a magic wand, Eraser just a simple eraser. I’m not sure what exactly to do with Scissors, the icon implies cutting/deleting to me, but the functionality is more like a “shapes” tool that lets you draw circles and rectangles. The more advanced, 3D image icons are probably fine as is, but worth putting some thought into given the new design.

Good idea. Contributions for improving these icons are very welcome. We actually need to update all Slicer icons, as screen resolutions increased since the current icons were created and the style has become inconsistent over the years.

Hi, just looked at this, it is great! Thanks for the effort!

One comment: would it make sense to put the undo/redo buttons like the picture attached? Then they would also always stay in the same place and not relocate in the GUI with each effect description.

I think it might also be clearer that they are not dependent on the effect


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What do you think about showing it below the effect toolbar?
It would keep the (none) effect stand out and and preserve the concept of workflows starting in the top-left corner (you would not start with undo/redo). Also, if you scroll up to see the all segment effects and masking settings then the top of the effect list may not be visible anymore.

Could you give this a try to implement this and give it a try how it works for you? Probably placing it into a separate frame (not in the effect toolbar) would be better, so that if the effect toolbar is configured with more columns, the undo/redo would still span the whole width.

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I see, this makes sense.

Yes, unfortunately lately haven’t had much time to work on developing in Slicer environment. This could be something to check out in the future.

No problem. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

@jamesobutler when you implemented this new design, have you experimented with placing the undo/redo buttons in different locations? Would you have time to me to give it a try to put it under the effect toolbar?

I never considered moving the undo/redo button location, but moving it to smaller toolbuttons under the Segment Effect frame does make sense. That would then bring up masking to be directly below the effect options groupbox.

Yes, I can spend some time maybe this weekend to experiment with that change.

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