New Segment Statistics: Oriented Bounding Box, Diameter and More

New statistics have been added to the Segment Statistics module:

  • Centroid
  • Oriented bounding box
  • Feret diameter
  • Perimeter
  • Roundness
  • Flatness
  • Elongation
  • Principal axes/moments

These statistics are not enabled by default. To enable them, click on the “Options” button beside the “Labelmap Statistics” checkbox, and select the statistics that you would like calculated from the popup window.

You can read the documentation for the Segment Statistics module here.

Oriented bounding box:

Feret diameter and centroid:

Principal axes and moments

For developers:
A new filter called vtkITKLabelShapeStatistics has been added to vtkITK that can be used to calculate the above statistics on any labelmap image.

An example script for visualizing segment OBB can be found here.
The ITK paper for the shape label filter can be found here.