Newbie quick question - delete a mesh??

I feel apologetic to ask such a simple question but I can’t find an answer!
Every time I’ve made a mesh in the Editor module, I can’t see how to delete it, if I want to try again. Every time I’m using Close Scene to start again, which I know can’t be right!
Thanks for any help!!

Hey! You can see all the objects in the scene in the Data module. If you right-click any object in the hierarchy there is an option to delete it.

Why are you using the Editor module? It is not supported and will be removed from Slicer soon. Its replacement, Segment Editor, gives you better control over 3D visualization and model export, as well as more segmentation tools than the old Editor module.

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Thanks so much for the suggestion. I was following what I guess was an old video tutorial. I will check it out. Much appreciated!

Thanks so much!! I really appreciate your advice. Have a great day!