NHDR Format direction

Someone can help me to set the direction for NHDR Format?
This is a micro CT image (360 degrees). when I import the NGDR format after making it, it displayed the wrong position.

I want to crop x-y-z like this.

type: unsigned short
dimension: 3
space: LPS
sizes: 2000 1718 361
space directions: (0.027,0,0) (0,0.027,0) (0,0,0.027)
endian: little
encoding: raw
datafile: projection%04d.raw 0 360 1

Is it any require additional item?
Thanks to the 3d slicer development team, I am using this program well.

What you have in the first set of pictures (white background) are the shadow (projection) images. Those are X-rays collected in the scanner by changing the samples orientation by small rotations. By themselves they are not useful for anything. From them, cross-sectional slices of the object are “reconstructed” using an algorithm (typically Feldcamp backprojection).

It is these cross-sectional slices (second set of pictures with dark background) that is usable by Slicer. You can virtually reconstruct the 3D object using visualization techniques. Or segment parts of it.

You can’t do any of that on projection images.

Ok got it. Currently, it can’t use in the 3d slicer software.
Thanks a lot.

You should be able to reconstruct a 3D Cartesian volume in your scanner software (or reconstruct yourself using RTK) and that image will be usable in Slicer.