Nifti loading times


I encountered very long loading times for some nifti datasets. I don’t know what it is.

The following dataset takes one minute and 15 seconds to load in slicer 4.10.2 (it has about 60MB):

Mango file header:

Another dataset takes less than one second to load (about 80MB):

Mango file header:

Any ideas where the long loading times could come from? I could provide a dataset for testing if required.

Thanks for the report. Yes, it would be good if you could provide a way to replicate this on public data.

Also did you try the latest preview version?

In the latest preview version, the problem cannot be reproduced.
As I am working with the sources of 4.10.2 for my project, it would be very interesting what was changed for the problem to be gone as I will have to apply the solution as a patch in my version. I can go through the commits myself, I just would need a hint where to start my search. Thanks

Interesting - thanks for testing and reporting.

4.10.2 uses an older version of ITK for file IO, and probably a lot has changed. You could go back and see if the problem could be reproduced in pure ITK and then perhaps backport whatever changes are needed. But more sustainable long-term (and maybe easier) would be to port your project to the latest Slicer.

Thanks, I found the issue. Here some references:


Note that we will soon (in maybe a couple of weeks) release Slicer-5 and deprecate Slicer-4.10. So, I would not recommend to spend time with backporting any fixes, etc. to Slicer-4.10 but rather spend that time with updating to latest Slicer-4.11 (that will become Slicer-5) and test/fix things.

Yes, thanks for the hint.