Nightly build status dashboard

Hi all, can I get the links to view nightly stable and preview build logs?

I searched the home page a lot but couldn’t find any:

Never mind, I see it in Developers-->Quality Dashboard from the top-navbar. The interesting thing about that navbar is that it only appears when I scroll sufficiently down.

Yes, I believe that design was intentional. It’s helpful feedback to hear that it came as a surprise to you.

Personally, I go to and scroll to the bottom and pick the quality dashboard from the link in the footer.

The original discussion about having the navigation bar show only after having scrolled down the page is at Display section at top of the page · Issue #17 · Slicer/ · GitHub.

@jcfr maybe we should re-consider this design choice based on these user’s experience. The landing page’s top first section doesn’t quite serve as a navigation menu replacement.