No such module "MinimalPathExtraction" ITK module not found


I am building TubeTK with latest slicer repository.

TubeTK I have cloned from the following link.

While I am building slicer along with TubeTK I got the below error.

– Configuring extension directory: TubeTK
CMake Error at D:/W6/S-rel/S-bld/ITK/CMake/ITKModuleAPI.cmake:78 (message):
No such module: “MinimalPathExtraction”
Call Stack (most recent call first):
D:/W6/S-rel/S-bld/ITK/CMake/ITKModuleAPI.cmake:31 (itk_module_load)
D:/W6/S-rel/S-bld/ITK/CMake/ITKModuleAPI.cmake:129 (_itk_module_config_recurse)
D:/W6/S-rel/S-bld/ITK-build/ITKConfig.cmake:86 (itk_module_config)
D:/W6/S-rel/S-bld/TubeTK/CMakeLists.txt:159 (find_package)
– Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

I have tried by setting below values in CMake -DSlicer_DIR:PATH=%SLICER_BIN_DIR_DBG_X64% -DTubeTK_BUILD_SLICER_EXTENSION:BOOL=ON .

As per below reference but no luck.

Please let me know about it, How can i build TubeTK with slicer.

The error message suggests that you need to enable MinimalPathExtraction ITK remote module enabled when you configure the ITK build. You can reconfigure your ITK build tree manually in CMake, but it would be nice if this ITK remote module could be built additionally when the extension is built. If you are not sure how then you can write to the ITK forum.