Normalization SUVPET


How to normalize some PET images by SUVmax using the PETDICOM extension?

Once you install DICOM PET extension, you should be able to load the DICOM PET series SUV-corrected by selecting the PET series in DICOM Browser, and loading it.

To calculate SUVmax, you will need to segment the region of interest, which you can do using Segment Editor module. Once you have segmentation ready, you can use PET-IndiC extension to calculate SUVmax for that region.

Note that Indi-C extension is not building at the moment for the nightly, you will need to use the latest stable build to access that functionality.

I am not sure though if we have a module to divide the image by SUVmax constant to do the normalization. I thought SimpleFilters can do this, but it looks like they only support operations between images, and not scaling image by constant. @blowekamp am I correct?

cc: @chribaue

In Python the SimpleITK filters are certainly able to multiply by a constant, but this functionality is not currently exposed in the SimpleFilter GUI module.

Thank you!

@fedorov When I load the DICOM PET series appear this message window: “Could not load (SUVbw) as a PET SUV plugin”.

For simple arithmetic operations, such as applying an arbitrary function to each voxel value, you may also use numpy. You can get read/write access to voxel values as a numpy array as shown here.

Just wanted to confirm there is no UI module for this functionality. Thanks @blowekamp and @lassoan

Can you share deidentified dataset?

@fedorov Yes, could I send to you for e-mail? because in this post doesn´t possible

I received the dataset, and I can reproduce the problem, but I don’t have a quick answer. For some reason it fails at the GDCM level. I also will need to build Slicer to debug this, I don’t have a built version right now.

@chribaue do you have any suggestions? If you have a compiled Slicer, could you investigate this?

itk::ExceptionObject (0x7f8051b2eb40)
Location: "unknown" 
File: /Volumes/Dashboards/Stable/Slicer-4102-build/ITK/Modules/IO/GDCM/src/itkGDCMImageIO.cxx
Line: 233
Description: itk::ERROR: GDCMImageIO(0x7f8051b068a0): Failed to get the buffer!