PET SUV normalization 3Dslicer


I want to normalize my PET images to the SUV using 3Dslicer. I installed the PETDICOM extension and followed the steps of this video: PETDICOM: PET normalization
However, when I try to examine my PET data, there is no PET SUV Plugin outcome.
See the screenshot below:

What I am doing wrong?

Thank you in advance!

Not all scanners produce standard dicom files so the plugin may not have the information needed for processing. Because there aren’t comprehensive open databases of data to test against, the tool was built to work with the data available. You probably need to look at the source code and compare example data with the data you have (dicom headers) and adapt the code to get the needed parameters. If you aren’t a programmer you can look to share a phantom scan and perhaps someone in the community can help you investigate.