Numerous extensions fail with "packageupload" errors on the dashboard

There are many extensions, including SlicerDMRI, SlicerOpenIGTLink, SlicerRadiomics, LASegmenter, TOMAAT, MatlabBridge, that are failing with the error below starting from March 8. I am unable to reproduce this error locally. Anyone has an idea what is happening?


Coincidentally, there was a change to a relevant cmake script in the Slicer tree 2 days ago…

@jcfr any thoughts? Were those changes tested with a package upload process as done on the dashboard?

We will have a look shortly. Thanks for your patience.

Almost, each one of these tests setup a mock server to validate that expected packages and queries are done.

$ ctest -R py_cmake_slicer_extensions_ 
Test project /home/jcfr/Projects/Slicer-Qt5-VTK9-Release/Slicer-build
    Start  7: py_cmake_slicer_extensions_index_build_without_upload
1/4 Test  #7: py_cmake_slicer_extensions_index_build_without_upload ...............   Passed   35.81 sec
    Start  8: py_cmake_slicer_extensions_index_build_with_upload
2/4 Test  #8: py_cmake_slicer_extensions_index_build_with_upload ..................   Passed   36.16 sec
    Start  9: py_cmake_slicer_extensions_index_build_with_upload_using_ctest
3/4 Test  #9: py_cmake_slicer_extensions_index_build_with_upload_using_ctest ......   Passed   35.86 sec
    Start 10: py_cmake_slicer_extensions_index_build_without_upload_using_ctest
4/4 Test #10: py_cmake_slicer_extensions_index_build_without_upload_using_ctest ...   Passed   35.65 sec

100% tests passed, 0 tests failed out of 4

Label Time Summary:
CMake    = 143.47 sec*proc (4 tests)

Total Test time (real) = 143.51 sec

there was a change to a relevant cmake script in the Slicer tree 2 days ago…

I think this is unrelated, the variable that was involved in the removed code are not used anywhere.

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Problem has been addressed.

We locally modified code to disable the building of extension packages and forgot to revert the changes. This was motivated to test the upload of extension without having to wait for packages to be re-generated.

I will implement a solution avoiding such problem from happening again in the future.

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This has also been implemented in r27037

Note: Today, since the scripts were manually triggered later than usual, Slicer extension and application preview (aka nightly) packages will be available for download later than expected.

It would be great if we could switch to the new “Preview” term, but for that the update page would need to be updated. @jcfr Do you know what’s the status of that?

If you talk about the download page, I think @mhalle will integrate the PR soon.