Extension build failures

There are new failures in some of the extensions starting from Oct 19 (sorry, I noticed just now). We did not change the extensions code in that period of time, so it must be due to some Slicer changes.

Specifically, DCMQI and PkModeling started to fail (both are superbuild-style extensions).

Last successful dashboard: http://slicer.cdash.org/index.php?project=Slicer4&date=2017-10-17&filtercombine=or&filtercount=2&showfilters=1&filtercombine=or&field1=buildname&compare1=63&value1=DCMQI&field2=buildname&compare2=63&value2=PkModeling

First time they started to fail: http://slicer.cdash.org/index.php?project=Slicer4&date=2017-10-19&filtercount=2&showfilters=1&filtercombine=or&field1=buildname&compare1=63&value1=DCMQI&field2=buildname&compare2=63&value2=PkModeling

Specific errors:



At the same time, the packages appear to be generated.

Also seeing this, but only for Mac build (UKFTractography extension).

For the extensions I mentioned, it is also only Mac builds.

@jcfr I did not test, but on the surface at least (the error happens in the fixup_extension step, the specific failure is about not being able to locate the extension dir, the error happens in the superbuild extensions) it looks like this commit is to blame:


What do you think?

In the latest Windows nightly (4.9.0-2017-10-25) I don’t see any extensions at all. Below is a screenshot of what I see.


Thanks for the report. If it hasn’t been addressed yet, I will follow up shortly.

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Unfortunately, the build errors are still there.

@jcfr what would be the consequences of reverting the commit that introduced the regression?

Tackling this now, we should have fix in shortly.

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Problem identified. PR for PkModeling and DCMQI on the way

PRs fixing DCMQI and PkModeling have been submitted:

Also, Slicer extension build system has been improved to help extension developer diagnose the problem at configuration time. An configure like the following will now be reported:

NameOfExtension: Variable CPACK_INSTALL_CMAKE_PROJECTS is expected to be set.


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Would the value of CPACK_INSTALL_CMAKE_PROJECTS ever be different than in those PRs?

If the project only includes Slicer modules, it should not be different.

In the case of this PR, we explicitly install the RuntimeLibraries component. Other more complex project could have other components …