Nvidia AI Assisted Annotation with CT images

Hello, I have a problem in using Nvidia AI-Assisted Annotation for CT images of the head and neck. I want to segment organs at risk with this extension but if I run, I get errors like this images:
(I’ have installed the 4.11 version of 3D slicer and in using this extension I select clara-pt-brain-mri-segmentation-t1c. I can’t find a model devoted to CT images)

Annotation 2021-11-10 020335

I’m new to 3D slicer software, please guide me. does exist another solution in the AI-assisted method for my application?

This model is trained on MRI images therefore it is expected to fail or return with error for CT images.

You can train your own models using MONAILabel extension.

What structures would you like to segment?

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Thank you a lot.
I want to segment organs at risk from these CT images, such as left/right eye, lens, optic nerve, optic chiasm, pituitary … overall about 17 structures.

I’m not aware of a publicly available model exist for such a comprehensive segmentation task, but you can ask the MONAI community if they know about something like this or get advice for how to create it yourself.

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fine, I’ll do it.

Thanks for the helpful advice.