AI assisted segmentation-Head and Neck cancer

Operating system: windows 10 enterprise
Slicer version:Slicer 4.13.0-2021-10-25
I would like to implement AI based segmentation on the head and neck PET/CT image dataset. I read about AI assisted segmentation extension here mainly about NVidia, Tomaat etc.
I would like to know whether there is an AI-assisted segmentation extension trained for head and neck cancer?

Any response would be appreciated. Thanks

Iā€™m not aware of any Slicer extensions or pre-trained MONAILabel or AIAssistedAnnotation models for head&neck CT segmentation. You can reach out to MONAI community if anyone is working on this. You may of also do some googling or literature search to see if anybody claims to have some segmentation tools that you might try.

Regardless of existing models, it would be a good starting point to create accurate segmentations of the structures that are relevant for you, using manual or semi-automatic tools, or AI-integrated tools, such as MONAILabel. You could use these models to validate pre-trained models or train your own models.

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