NVIDIA head segmentation


is is possible to have a head segmentation with NVIDIA AIAA from a brain MRI

something like

for head


What do you mean by “head segmentation”? Segmenting the skin surface, skull, brain,…?

Since there is no such thing as a perfect segmentation, you always need to specify what is the purpose of the segmentation. Is your end goal surgical planning, surgical simulation, 3D printing a souvenir keychain,…?


yes, the basic segmentation including, skull, white/gray matter, …

the goal is to build a 3D model (.stl file) of the heed


I guess my Q is basically

so, would you suggest the same @lassoan ?

although, I am still curious to know if we could retrain a similar model to get something like that picture in the AIAA repo, for the brain

Yes, the recommendations in that topic are still valid.

Those recommended methods provide similar models.