Obj file segmentation

I have data in obj format. I want to segment the bones in this data. In “Data” module, I right clicked my data and selected “convert model to segmentation mode”. Then I went to the “segment editor” section. None of the segmentation tools were active in this section. I was asked to select the source volume, but I don’t know what to choose in this section. When I clicked on source volume, there was no object to select. Could you give information about how to segment from a data in obj format?

For segment editor to work, it needs to have a master volume. The step you descrbed only created the segmentation. To create a scalar volume, right click on the segmentation you just created in Data module, and choose “export as a label map” option. Then you can specify that label map as the source volume in the segment editor and use the tools.

Thank you very much!