Open 3d slicer application with qtcreator

There are some problems about opening 3d slicer with qt creator version 4.9.0 in linux.
I preform the instructions following C++ debugging with Qt Creator — 3D Slicer documentation.

problem 1: when i execute the command " ./Slicer --launch /path/to/qtcreator", and the terminal print the error below.

problem2: when i perform below steps

step1: open qt creator → welcome → open project → select “/Slicer-Master/CMakeLists.txt”
step2: click tab button “Projects” on the left → select build directory → select “/super-build/Slicer-build/” directory like this.

And the sources files display gray and can’t be edited. picture below:

Make sure that you are using the same Qt that you used for building Slicer

I guess Qt cannot locate the debug symbol files (e.g., due to Qt version mismatch) or cannot start the debugger. Most likely QtCreator uses gdb for debugging and if so then you may need to apply the workaround described in this note.