Open dicom libraries

Hi everyone!
I’d like to get a free and open dicom of a full body and despite the number of results appearing from a google search, I couldn’t find any complete and CCO dicom.
The purpose is to use as reference for commercial use and private license.
I’m mostly looking for the bones but both MRI and CT-scans would do.
(Young male healthy adult preferably)

Thank you in advance.

You may be interested in the Visible Human Project datasets, which have recently been converted to DICOM and released via the NCI Imaging Data Commons. The visible light images are the most complete, but there are also CTs and MRs that might be useful.

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Thank you for your answer; I have two questions:
-Would it be legal to extract 3d models from this dataset and to use it within a commercial project?
-Why are all the data linked with healthcare and research always so complicated to access? I have been searching for a link to download the whole dataset for one hour…

Yes, as far as I know you can use the Visible Human data for anything you want.

If you want to download from the Imaging Data Commons there’s a lot of documentation and examples available.

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Thank you and sorry for this but:
A documentation to download a bunch of images?
Is there a button somewhere on the internet that downloads the whole dataset?
Didn’t anyone post .mmrl scene of it already?

Working with very large datasets sometimes requires special approaches for performance and other reasons.

You can try the new IDCBrowser Slicer extension available in Slicer 5.4.0 and latest Slicer 5.5.0 preview builds

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Downloading a movie containing 24fps60seconds120minutes (172800 images) or watch it in streaming takes one click but the ‘large datasets of science’ are beyond our means?

@Melodicpinpon I’m sure they would be greatly appreciative if you contribute improvements to the issues that you face :slight_smile:

Otherwise let us know how the Slicer IDCBrowser extension works for you.