OpenIGTLink drag and drop TrackerServer

I´m trying to use the Module: OpenIGTLink to get matrices from Matlab into 3D Slicer(4.8.1). Now I have downloaded therefore the Slicer Extensions and the zip folder for windows (64-bit). When I want to drag and drop the TrackerServer into the cmd window nothing happens. It is not taken in. (by the way if it´s important: When I just try to open TrackerServer itself, in a millisecond a window appears and closes again)
Can anyone give me recommendations how to solve this problem? It is really important for me and I can use any help.
Thank you very much!

You should set the parameters (i.e., server IP and port) to the TrackerServer!

ok and sorry to ask: how can i do this?

In the cmd console, you Can input the command “path/TrackerServer localhost 18947 20”

thank you now it’s working