OptiTrack from project week demo

I tested the OptiTrack Duo for digitization at project week. We’re looking at getting one for our lab and I’m wondering if someone from the NousNav project can tell me the filter wavelength of that camera? It comes in an 850nm and 800nm version.


cc: @pieper @Tina_Kapur @ColtonBarr @Sam_Horvath

Does anyone have an answer for this? The İR bands look very similar (800 vs 850nm)
We want to test digitizing dry skulls directly.

It should not matter which one you choose. I think the option exists so that you can reduce interference with other instruments that operate in the same wavelength.

@ungi do you know which wavelength we chose for our trackers?

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Correct, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have other infrared devices (in this wavelength range) in the field of view of the camera.