Orientation coronal and sagittal slices

Hello everybody.

I have a question about how Slicer displays data from a DICOM. Below I show you two screenshots of the segmentation of two different samples. If you look closely, the orientation of the coronal and sagittal slices is oriented differently. Can anyone tell me the reason for this situation? Why is Slicer not always able to display data in the same orientation? Is there a field in the DICOM standard that indicates information about this (I couldn’t find the correct label, if exists)? 3D reconstructions also come out flipped, something that also happens in output STLs.

Thanks in advance.

This is due to the orientation of the patient with respect to the scanner. If you want to normalize it you can either adjust the view using the Reformat option or apply a Transform to the data to put it in a desired orientation.

Regarding the flipping of the STL output, probably you need to pay attention to the Coordinate system option when using the Export to files option of the Segmentations module.