Upside down images

Why slicer reads images upside down, as my Dicom scan images are upside down in real , but when i open this in slicer it always flips it.
how can i set to open the images\scans as it is?

Actual image:-

image loaded in Slicer -


Slicer displays images in correct anatomical orientation (based on patient position specified during scanning).

The image above shows that the patient was lying on the table in supine position, and the image is oriented accordingly in the axial view in Slicer. I don’t know what you mean by “upside down in real”, but to me everything looks correct.

It is unusual to show axial images with their posterior side “up” (patient hanging down from the table), but you can do that by reorienting the view using Reformat module (Rotation section).

i totally agree with you, but is it possible to load the images as it is or without flipping the orientation , though it is necessary ?

The image is always loaded correctly. You can reorient slice views as I described above (using Reformat module).