Hi, thanks for your time!
I have a huge, messy folder containing DICOM images with various modalities, primarily MR. Some of them have been segmented using Osirix and are stored as SC or SR modalities. Although I can view the SC modality images as non-interactive volumes, I am unable to transform them into segmentations. Is it possible to convert these SC/SR format images into a different format such as RTStruct?
I noticed that the sandbox extension has an ‘Import OsiriX ROI’ feature, but as it only accepts .json or .xml formats. As I am new to these formats, please excuse me if my question appears trivial.
Best Regards, Naja

The OsiriX ROI importer module can load the proprietary files that you can save from OsiriX.

Once you imported these files into Slicer as segmentations, you can export them as DICOM RT Structure Set (not recommend) or as DICOM Segmentation Object.

Thanks for the quick answer! I do not have access to OsiriX, so I’m not able to save the segmentations differently

You can use the free OsiriX Lite for this conversion then you won’t have to use OsiriX ever again.