(Paid) Request for Help: 3D Printing my Brain

Hi Guys,

I was made aware of 3D slicer for my mechanical engineering thesis: Modelling of geometrically complex parts of the anatomy.

However, that was many moons ago now, so would need to re skill.

In the mean time, I had a CT scan taken of my brain to asses a concussion I received boxing. I was wondering if anyone could covert the CT image into a 3D model so that I can 3D print a copy of my own brain !

Any help would be greatly appreciated and of course, I would be happy to pay for service

Kind Regards,


you can take a T1 mri scan first
then use the extension HDBrainExtraction to Extract your whole brain model
use extension SlicerFab to 3DPrint or export your brain model to .stl file and use third-party software to 3DPrint

It is easy to finish by 3D Slicer ,if you can share your DICOM data,I can help you for free.

Yes, its easy to do if you share the DICOM-data. We do the workflow in orthopaedic animal healthcare every day. We support you for free as well