Parameters file in Radiomics module

Operating system:Win 10
Slicer version:5.0.3
Expected behavior:Extract features with parameters file
Actual behavior:UnicodeDecodeError

Hello everyone,
I want to use Radiomics module to extracrt features. I want to set resegmentRange:[-1000,1000] and binCount: 64, so I wrote this Parameters file. However, I uploaded the file in the Radiomics module and clicked ‘Apply’, it showed UnicodeDecodeError.

The following figures showed the Parameters file and the screenshot of the Radiomics module.

Did I write something incorrect in the Parameters file? How could I fix it? If the Parameter file is correct, how could I solve this problem?
Many thanks in advance!!

Try using only ascii in the parameters file. It looks like these quotes aren’t compatible.


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Thank you very much for your help!
I could extract the features successfully :blush:
Thanks again. Have a nice day!